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SWITCHBOARD from Ambika Leigh on Vimeo.

Sometimes you’ve gotta lose it to find it again…

Barry Summers, a disheveled and disconnected middle-aged man, frantically searching the trash cans of a downtown L..A. park day after day, is drawn out of his world of perpetual lost and not-found by a group of magical street people who help him find what he is truly missing.

IMDB page: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1816659/

*If you’re a member of Vimeo, you can download the film for better playback! (See below and to the right.)*

**Please listen on the best speakers or headphones you have available. Will make the sound designer, composer and I very happy.**

***This film has just been released for public viewing – the password is no longer necessary. Please feel free to share with anyone you please!***

Please email me at ambika.leigh at gmail.com with any comments, questions, feedback or to discuss how I may work with you on your next project!


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