All of our perspectives matter. Words and actions are very powerful. On this page, we highlight readers comments – and in some cases – responses.

Let the conversations continue. Positive individual and collective actions will follow.

Like the strong currents in the oceans throughout the World which are interconnected – the powerful force of proactive change will allow us to make the affirmative choice when faced with the question Internationally:

Will We Expand or Contract (?) !




Very impressive, unbelievable you’ve managed that with so little time.

I thought that the “About us” was original personal yet determined and confident in a way which makes you want to explore this motion and see to where is it heading.

I liked it.


– O. Dallal – Tel Aviv, Israel



Congratulations, the journal is exciting and a fresh mixture of stories and information – food for thought!!!!!!

Thank you again for featuring our project!!

Hope you can rest and celebrate today.


– J. Milosch – Washington, D.C.



I’m so impressed . . . I just spent the last hour or so with EOC and

am really taken with all you’ve done!


It’s a formidable presence in every way from content to presentation.

The framing of sections as well as the particular articles in each

section are interesting and compelling.


I was particularly drawn to the article on arts + military. I’d love

to know about how you found that.


I look forward to watching it grow and flourish!




– M. Rothschild – Los Angeles, California



The ezine looks great–interesting articles, great design, incredible message.

–     B. Engel – San Marcos, Texas



I love it.  Will spend some time perusing on my days off.  Happy new year to you and may 2012 see you successfully and happily expand and contract.

– P. Lee – Portland, Oregon




I know it is going to be one for you! What a terrific concept….I love the magazine. I am sure that it will be a great success…WELL DONE.

You have taken a bad and dark few years and turned them into a vibrant positive future. I am so proud of you.


Once again BRAVO.

– J. Stewart – Oxford, England




Spirit • Courage • Healing Energy


These are the words, the feeling, the way of life you imparted to me several years ago, when we first met during your visit to Cambria to share time with us (and meet Cowboys in Harmony <LOL>!)


Seriously – one of the things that kept me from literally succumbing to the darkness, is you, and those images and words you gave me as a gift.


They were simply but beautifully framed – just as your quiet but constant encouragement which I have always felt across the many oceans in between us. The waves in ocean are a beautiful metaphor ~ representing the blissful, vibrant, and at times turbulent forces that comprise our lives.


Our experiences in “the ocean” are directly related to whether we choose to swim with the currents, reveling in them with deep appreciation, humility, respect and understanding. Or do we fight against the riptides when they arise, despite all of the best lessons that we have been taught? When we choose the latter, we literally risk it all.


Thank you for always quietly and constantly reminding me of the vibrant spirit that lives within each of us – always available – always seeking to emerge.


I send that love, courage, strength, and tremendous appreciation of life to you, and to the person you are traveling to see – whom I have not yet met, but know I will. When the three of us are together, will all be rewarded by the return of his vibrant presence and joie de vivre!


Travel well, with my love in your heart.


– L. Gainer – Santa Monica, California




I wanted to congratulate you on all of the traffic that I’ve seen go through your site in just a couple of days!  And you Dawn for doing such a great job, especially through Facebook.  It appears that a great deal of the visitors come to the site through there.  Nice job!


– J. Nunez – Jacksonville, Oregon




Greetings, Leslie, congrats on becoming your own publisher and watch out Arianna!


– M. Tanhill – Cambria, California



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