The Wine Bible


Demystify the Art of Food & Wine  – with Karen MacNeil – Author of The Wine Bible.

“I have an admission to make. I don’t think every wine always needs to be perfectly matched to a food, or vice versa. That said, it’s certainly true that extraordinary flavor affinities do exist, and that most of us have had at least a few of those “wow” moments when the wine and food combination was unbelievably good.

Go with your instincts for affinities…it’s amazing but all of us recognize affinities…it’s the reason we instinctively know to put cream in our coffee, not basil. In the best of circumstances, when certain wines are paired with certain foods, the result can be downright thrilling.

How do you create those moments? Ultimately, taste preferences are highly individual. It isn’t easy.  A meal rarely highlights the flavor of a single food, and many dishes present countless variables. So where does that leave us?

My aim was to make learning about wine effortless. Throughout the writing of The Wine Bible, I remembered very clearly how hard it was to learn about wine from the books I had access to.

Food and wine lend themselves to ‘aha’ moments, which is part of what makes them spellbinding….”

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