Spiritual Liberation


Spiritual Liberation – Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential

Spiritual Liberation focuses on fundamental questions about the process of ‘Waking Up’ so that you can focus on “Walking in the Answer” and the fulfillment of your dreams for your life.

In his book, he encourages and guides readers in developing their own spiritual inquiry through meditation, contemplation, prayer, retreats, pilgrimages, and the study of Eastern and Western mysticism, metaphysics, and science.

“There are no spiritual endorphins we may swallow that offer relief once we say “yes” and surrender to the mystical process of growth taking place within us. Remember, the ego doesn’t give up without a fight.

Resisting or trying to short-circuit this transformational process prevents us from reaping the fullness of its fruitage. Entering it fully allows us to outwit the ego’s illusory game.

As we willingly surrender ourselves to the evolutionary process of the “dark night,” placing no time demands upon it, we make ourselves available to profound transformation.

Every mystic, sage, or awakened master whose autobiography or biography I have read has experienced the dark night of the soul. In fact, having experienced the gifts of the dark night, they actually prayed for it!

When you’re experiencing a dark night, read about the life of an illuminated being and you will realize that you are in good company.”

– Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

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