Ray Davis: Live from KULA



It’s an Evolution Revolution, and I’m Providing the Soundtrack!” – Ray Davis

Ray Davis: musician, songwriter, composer, singer – prolific in creating his own original sound – he’s also performed with renowned artists including – will.i.am, John Legend, and the Agape International Choir.

The venues have been as famous as the performers: the 2008 Democratic National Convention with President Barack Obama, the 2009 Lincoln Memorial Inauguration Concert in Washington D.C, and the PBS Special, “Michael Bernard Beckwith: The Answer is You.”

“It just seems to me that this world is ripe for a change in perspective – a broadening perspective. Not so much because leading experts are saying it, but because of things I see around. There is a tremendous amount of backlash, regardless of affiliation. An example would be the Occupy movement. The beautiful thing about the Occupy movement, whether you agree with everything or not – you’ve got to hand it to them, because it’s an evolutionary approach to protest. It’s not just a single subject, or personality based. There are a bunch of people from different perspectives who find themselves drawn into this movement referred to as ‘’Occupy.’’

They’re sitting, they’re saying: “We have to pay attention. We have to do something differently. So it’s not single focused. It’s a broad perspective. It’s a broad spectrum. I love that. That’s a beautiful sign of what I’m referring to as, “An Evolution Revolution.” The mainstream media misses it entirely….

People go through stuff all the time. In the past, much of my life was spent wrestling with, and working with, circumstances. Reacting to them. When that perspective can change, it transforms your life.

I find that “What if?” questions are some of the most powerful questions we can ask. That’s how my song, “The Average Man,” began to unfold in my mind, and then to the keyboards.

“Haven’t You Heard” is another direct reflection of the organic unfolding that occurs when you open yourself up to the possibility of change. The lyrics begin:

“I know some times, it’s hard for you to clearly see just how you’re going to keep it together/ Your obligations and responsibilities. How you gonna make them ends. How you gonna make it one more time?”

The good news is, the song has a very happy ending!

I love music. I love creating it, and I’m always so eager to hear all of the music that’s showing up, from so many people around the world. “

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