In this media abundant society, we are surrounded and saturated with thoughts, opinions and ideas on a daily basis.

It has become critical to carefully consider what we absorb, how we digest it, and how that in turn fuels our actions and reactions.

We all have the choice to live and act from the perspective of discernment or cynicism.

Words and actions are very powerful.

As a result, it has become imperative to begin counting our intellectual and emotional calories, – and to seriously consider what of our intake is nutritious, and what is empty.

In a time where the speed of activity in life seems to be creating an enervating vortex, – our Multimedia Magazine & Online Salons are a vibrant opportunity to pause, consider, and cultivate our lives – individually & collectively.

Together we will address and respond to the critical challenge confronting us in this momentous time in our society.

Will We: Expand or Contract (?) !