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“She seems to be reasonably intelligent…but can she write?!”

Without a doubt, that is the burning question that our fabulous Content Editor, Dan Jacobs was asking himself over the final three weeks leading up the launch of Expand or Contract (?) ! – MultiMedia Magazine for Discerning Minds.

The actual production of our first issue came together in a remarkable period of time.

Athletes, writers, musicians, and all of the creative people that exist in the World – including You – know when they’re  in the “zone”, following your own unique Spirit – your stalwart Inner Compass allows you to:

“Walk in the Answer”

Be an integral part of “An Evolution Revolution”

Say, “Yes” to solutions.

“Shift the Economic Consciousness in the World.”

Just “Go with Your Instincts for Affinities…. It can be downright thrilling.”

You are in very good company. We invite you to join us in ongoing conversation and positive action, as we all strive to live from the perspective of discernment. Individually and collectively, our words and actions are very powerful.

Together we will address and enact affirmative responses to the critical challenges confronting the human condition during this momentous time in our society, each time as we face the question:

Will We Expand or Contract (?) !

Join us.

Happy New Year ~ All Year,

From the first members of the community of www.ExpandorContract.com

Our physical HQ is Santa Monica, California, and our Virtual HQ is the world, all shared together with you….


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MultiMedia Magazine for Discerning Minds
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Leslie Gainer | Publisher Editor-in-Chief


Every word counts. Every action Speaks.

After an adventuresome career in public policy law co-drafting environmental and consumer protection legislation, while also crafting innovative national issues campaigns to pass into Federal laws – Leslie left Washington D.C. for the vineyards of California to become an entrepreneur in the wine and artisan food industry.

She traded her creative writing skills for ads for her business, and her career as a journalist was born. She later became the Wine Editor for California Tour and Travel Magazine and was a columnist for several other publications. The topics she has covered vary greatly, but the goal is always to inspire and inform.

Leslie dedicates the conception and launch of Expand or Contract (?) ! MultiMedia Magazine for Discerning Minds to the way of life imparted by her lifelong friend and mentor – her grandmother – who lived a vibrant life and remained ever-present until four days prior to her 104th birthday.

“Every moment with my grandmother was always a time of epiphany for me. She was an avid reader, and very talented writer. While reading and absorbing her words, I realized how much I had learned from her about writing, including what a profoundly cathartic experience I have, each time I read, and write.

She we would go over my writing and she would advise me to “make every word count,” “ensure that every sentence has meaning,” “save extraneous thoughts for other projects where they will have their own significance.”

In those moments, I realized that she always had, and still shared, all of the best of what she had learned, and as a result, the best of me in my writing, was the result of the best of her. At the age of nearly 104, my Grandma Addie was still learning, and sharing her profound knowledge and experience with me. That is the definition of a mentor – a role that she taught me we are all meant to provide for each other individually, and collectively.


Dan Jacobs | Content Editor


Dan Jacobs is one of the most intelligent, efficient, and exacting editors imaginable – with an equally magnanimous sense of humor and equanimity – all of which are essential components while heading into deadlines with lightening speed.

He is hopeful that his beloved Los Angeles Lakers can share his inspiration – by continuing to win NBA titles – ideally with the opportunity to experience at least one of those games sitting in a floor seat swapping play-by-play reactions with Jack Nicholson and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Dan hails from Huntington Beach, California, the original “Surf City” (with all apologies to Santa Cruz), and feels right at home trading his hometown beach for the sun and surf of Santa Monica. In between, he managed to get a degree in Media Arts from the University of Arizona and a M.A. in Communications from Cal State Fullerton.

He plays two instruments and is an avid tennis player. Dan also enjoys long walks on the beach, happy hour sushi, and unnecessarily using Twitter hashtags for #ComedicEffect.


Dawn Eldridge | Social Media Director


Dawn Eldridge is a Social Media Maven extraordinaire. Her expertise in social media tools and technologies had already put us on the International websphere map, weeks in advance of our launch on 12/31/11.

Well-versed in the constantly evolving technologies of online social marketing, the blogosphere, and the myriad search tools that exist today, she works with innovation, creativity and passion to achieve remarkable results.

Dawn has also worked on projects with Sony Music, A3, Zen Media among many others….


Jess Nunez | Website Designer

Jess Nunez constantly amazes us with her creativity, lightning speed, and her fantastic acuity for developing websites with the highest standards of quality and browser-compatibility. She genuinely enjoys all aspects of web creation: design, development, search engine optimization, and copywriting. She enjoys writing code almost as much as she enjoys Starbucks (and that’s saying something!).

Jess resides in beautiful Southern Oregon with her husband and two small boys. She enjoys working late at night, and watching the sunrise over the vineyards in the mornings.


Jess Nunez | PO Box 1174

Jacksonville, OR 97530



Rose Cassano | Graphic Designer

Rose Cassano has been working in the graphics and illustration field for over twenty-five years. Her design career started on a ferryboat with Landor Associates.

She worked with Time Life Books on the East Coast of the United States in the 70’s, prior to moving to San Francisco.

Rose’s love for nature eventually drew her to the Southern Oregon area where she currently resides.  Rose Cassano offers a full range of Design & Illustration for Communication specializing in web design, marketing and social media implementation.

We are extremely fortunate to have her acting as our exquisite logo and graphic designer. She is a key figure in our design brain-trust for Expand or Contract (?) !

R O S E  C A S S A N O

Design & Illustration for Communication

253 Marcy Loop, Grants Pass, OR 97527